16 Apr: Winston House

The location of the Honors Carolina Center for European Study in London, Winston House is an eighteenth-century townhouse located on…


16 Apr: Wilson Hall

Opened in 1940, Wilson is located on a hill near the corner of South Road and Columbia Street, described as…

16 Apr: Wilson Library

The Carnegie Library (now Hill Hall) had been in use for only a couple of decades before university officials began…

16 Apr: Whitehead Hall

Located next to the Carolina Inn, Whitehead was completed in 1938 as a dormitory for students in the medical school….


16 Apr: Vance Hall

Vance Hall was built in 1912 as part of a three-part dormitory for men students, along with Battle and Pettigrew….

16 Apr: Taylor Hall

When it first opened in 1969, this building was known as Swing Building. It housed classrooms, a lecture hall, and…