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About the Project

About the Project

Welcome to the companion site for UNC A to Z: What Every Tar Heel Needs to Know about the First State University. Our book arose from the many years we spent at Carolina working on research projects with students, faculty, administrators, community members, and visiting scholars. Their questions about building names, anniversaries, student traditions, notable faculty, and more, challenged us to search broadly and deeply through UNC–Chapel Hill’s more than 225-year history. UNC A to Z is a reference book that we hope is useful, educational, and fun for anyone who cares for or is curious about Carolina. With the book and this site, readers will be able to find interesting, informative stories and facts about UNC–Chapel Hill history.

History continues to be of great interest and relevance to the university today. We hope that UNC A to Z will be a helpful and reliable foundation for learning about and understanding campus history but will also spark further research and writing. This site offers the exciting possibilities of reaching a larger audience and the chance to share new information that we know will be brought to light by other researchers, writers, and especially students as they explore and interpret Carolina history.

We want to acknowledge the staff and students of the Digital Innovation Lab and the Office of Arts & Sciences Information Services in the UNC College of Arts and Sciences who developed this site.

We welcome your suggestions and thoughts. Please use the online form to share your comments with us.
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