In 1993 UNC—Chapel Hill basketball coach Dean Smith called on fashion designer Alexander Julian to help redesign the team's uniforms —Smith had liked what Julian did with the Charlotte Hornets uniforms. Julian came up with a variety of different design possibilities. Uncertain which way to go, he and Smith consulted Michael Jordan, who helped make the decision to select the uniforms that incorporated argyle elements. Julian later said that he saw the argyle as timeless and classy, the personification of "Carolina cool." It quickly caught on —after Carolina won the 1993 basketball national championship, Sports Illustrated published a commemorative issue with argyle stripes on the cover, demonstrating that the design was already an established part of the basketball team's visual identity. In 2015 the university embraced the design even further: with help from Nike, the department announced that elements of the signature argyle would be incorporated into the uniforms of all UNC—Chapel Hill athletic teams.