Aycock Family Medicine Center

Located on Manning Drive adjacent to Fordham Boulevard, the center is home to the Department of Family Medicine and its clinics. UNC—Chapel Hill has one of the top-ranked programs in the country for training family physicians. The state legislature funded the building, which was named in honor of William Brantley Aycock, alumnus, long-time faculty member, law school dean, and chancellor from 1957 to 1964. As chancellor, Aycock presided over a landmark expansion period, bringing significant growth in the numbers of students, buildings, medical facilities, and research programs. He brought the men's basketball program through a bribery scandal and NCAA sanctions and hired a young Dean Smith with the goal of restoring integrity to athletics. He took over just two years after the first African American undergraduates enrolled at the university and led a campus that was slowly (and often reluctantly) adapting to a fully integrated student body. After retiring as chancellor, Aycock returned to the law school faculty, where he argued for the importance of academic freedom against North Carolina's Speaker Ban Law.