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Blood on the Old Well

Blood on the Old Well

Blood on the Old Well is the title of a book by Sarah Watson Emery. Published in 1963, the book contains a series of scandalous accusations against the university. Writing about "the forces of moral and spiritual disintegration on display" at the university, Emery accused faculty of anti-Christian and anti-American teaching and alleged that there were a number of mysterious deaths on the campus. Emery was a resident of Chapel Hill for over a decade while her husband taught in the philosophy department. Blood on the Old Well contains extreme examples of the kinds of accusations that were often directed at UNC during the 1950s and 1960s, when the university was perceived as being too liberal and said by some to be subjecting its students to Communist influences.

Date Established: 1963

Date Range: 1963 – Present

Cover image for Blood On the Old Well. North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library.

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