Brauer Hall

Brauer Hall has been the home of the School of Dentistry since it opened in 1969. Originally known simply as the Dental Education Building, it was renamed in 1972 for John C. Brauer, the founding dean of the School of Dentistry. Brauer was dean of the dental school at the University of Southern California when he was hired in 1950 to start the program at UNC. He designed the curriculum, hired staff, and welcomed the first students within a year. Brauer was an innovator in dental education. His plan to have faculty also serve as practicing dentists has inspired similar programs around the country. He also helped further dental education in the state by installing closed-circuit television, enabling far-flung dentists to observe complicated procedures at the school. Anticipating the need for private support for the school, he helped start the Dental Foundation of North Carolina, which now provides more than $2 million a year to fund scholarships, research, and faculty support. When Brauer retired in 1966, the School of Dentistry was recognized as one of the top dental schools in the country.

Architectural drawing for Brauer Hall, 1967. UNC Image Collection, North Carolina Collection Photo Archives, Wilson Library.