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Craige Residence Hall

Craige Residence Hall

One of the new high-rise dorms built on South Campus in the 1960s, Craige was completed in 1962. The six-story building was designed to house around 700 students —all men when it first opened. Nicknamed "Maverick House" by early residents, Craige was home to the "Victory Gong," which was apparently given to the dorm by a former marine who got it in Japan. In 1965 the gong was stolen by students from Morrison dorm, an event that attracted significant coverage in the Daily Tar Heel and led to many years' worth of animosity between the two dorms.

Craige is named for Francis Burton Craige, an 1829 graduate of the university. Craige was a lawyer and politician, serving in both the state legislature and U.S. Congress. As the Civil War approached, Craige was an outspoken advocate for secession. He was a member of the state secession convention in 1861 and introduced the ordinance that led to North Carolina's joining the Confederacy. He later served in the Confederate Congress.

Date Established: 1962

Date Range: 1962 – Present

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