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Graham Residence Hall

Graham Residence Hall

Graham Residence Hall opened in 1924, alongside two other new dorms (Aycock and Lewis). It was named in 1928 for John Washington Graham, the son of former governor and U.S. senator William A. Graham. After graduating from UNC in 1857 and serving in the Confederate army, where he was wounded twice, he had a successful career as a lawyer. Graham was an active member of the conservative party that sought to overturn Reconstruction-era reforms in the state. As a member of the state senate in the early 1870s, he was active in the ultimately successful effort to impeach Governor William Holden. During the trial Graham suggested that the crimes committed by robed Ku Klux Klan members in the late 1860s were actually done by disguised African Americans. Graham was a member of the UNC Board of Trustees for more than fifty years.

Date Established: 1924

Date Range: 1924 – Present

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