Manly Residence Hall

Opened in 1922, Manly was one of several new dorms built in the early 1920s (nearby Grimes, Ruffin, and Mangum opened around the same time). It is named for brothers Charles and Mathias Manly, from Chatham County. Charles Manly, an 1814 graduate of UNC, was a lawyer and politician, serving as governor of North Carolina from 1849 to 1851. Matthias Manly, class of 1824, was also a lawyer and served for many years as a judge. Both brothers were long-serving members of the UNC Board of Trustees. In 1938 the dorm made news in the school paper by holding a formal banquet for its residents in Swain Hall, featuring formal table settings, a steak dinner, and entertainment. Future governor Terry Sanford, then a resident of Manly, presided over the ceremonies. In 1985 Manly changed from being an all-male dorm to a women-only residence hall.

Date Established: 1922

Date Range: 1922 – Present