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Morrison Residence Hall

Morrison Residence Hall

Completed in 1965, Morrison continued the expansion of the campus to the south. It was built in the style of nearby Craige and Ehringhaus dorms, which opened a few years earlier. Morehead is a little larger than these other two dorms, housing around 900 students. In 1970 Morrison became the first permanent coed dorm on campus, and the first in which men and women lived on the same floor.

The dorm is named after former governor and U.S. senator Cameron Morrison. A native of Richmond County and longtime resident of Charlotte, Morrison never attended college but was awarded an honorary degree from UNC in 1922. Morrison was governor of North Carolina from 1921 to 1925, a period of rapid growth for both the state and the university. Known as the Good Roads Governor, he supported heavy investment in infrastructure and education, and he supported UNC's ambitious expansion plans. Morrison's political career touched on many of the most controversial issues of his time. He was active in the bitter 1898 and 1900 elections, known as the white supremacy campaigns. Morrison was one of the leaders of the Red Shirts, a terrorist organization devoted to the intimidation of African American voters and their political allies. When he was governor Morrison weighed in on the controversy that erupted when the state textbook commission was considering adopting a textbook that taught evolution. Morrison said, "I don't want my daughter or anybody's daughter to have to study a book that prints pictures of a monkey and a man on the same page."

Date Established: 1963

Date Range: 1963 – Present

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