Piney Prospect

Piney Prospect is a promontory on the east edge of campus and the site of Gimghoul Castle. In his first description of the site, William Richardson Davie called it Prospect Point, a place from which one could view the land to the east, including the high points near the Eno, Little, and Flat Rivers. According to Kemp Plummer Battle, the name became "Piney" through the common practice of pronouncing "point" as "pi'nt," which eventually just became "piney." Battle grew up exploring the woods in this area, eventually making trails and naming many of its features. When the Order of the Gimghoul purchased the land in the 1920s, a seat was placed at the point using rocks Battle had gathered there, in his memory. The Piney Prospect overlook is on the Lover's Loop Trail, part of Battle Park.