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Alderman Residence Hall

Alderman Residence Hall

Located on Raleigh Street behind the university president's house, Alderman was completed in 1937 as a dormitory for women, providing much-needed on-campus housing for the rapidly expanding population of female students. At first known simply as the Graduate Women's Dormitory, the dorm was named for former university president Edwin Anderson Alderman in 1941, probably in recognition of the role he played in arguing for the admission of the first women students at Carolina in 1897. A native of Goldsboro, North Carolina, and lifelong advocate of public education, Alderman joined the university faculty as a history professor in 1893. He was elected president in 1896 but served in that role for only a few years before leaving in 1900 to become president of Tulane University. Alderman was named president of the University of Virginia in 1904 and remained in that role until his death in 1931.

Date Established: 1937

Date Range: 1937 – Present

Alderman Hall, ca. 1940s. UNC Image Collection, North Carolina Collection Photo Archives, Wilson Library.

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