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Bingham Hall

Bingham Hall

Bingham Hall was completed in 1929 for use by the School of Commerce. It shared the same architectural style as nearby Murphey and Saunders Halls. Bingham housed the Department of English from the 1950s through the early 1970s, followed by the Department of Speech (now the Department of Communication). The building is named for Robert Hall Bingham, an 1857 graduate of UNC. Bingham was a Civil War veteran and an educator, serving as headmaster of the Bingham School in Hillsborough, which was founded by his grandfather. Bingham was known as an especially enthusiastic alumnus. He was a prolific speaker and writer on education, race, and the Civil War. His article "An Ex-Slave Holder's View of the Negro Question in the South," published in Harper's in 1900, outlined his beliefs in white supremacy and racial purity and argued against African American suffrage.

Date Established: 1928

Date Range: 1928 – Present

Bingham Hall, ca. 1940s. UNC Image Collection, North Carolina Collection Photo Archives, Wilson Library.

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