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Carrington Hall

Carrington Hall

Carrington Hall is home to the School of Nursing, located on Columbia Street and Medical Drive. Before it was completed in 1969, nursing programs were housed in parts of the medical school that have since been demolished. An eight-story addition in 2005 doubled the building's size, adding new classrooms, laboratories, and research spaces, including a human patient simulator laboratory. The addition was the first campus structure to earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The building is named in memory of Elizabeth Scott Carrington, to honor her efforts to establish a four-year school of nursing at Carolina and her work to improve the quality of nursing education in North Carolina. Born in Alamance County, Elizabeth Scott became a nurse, and along with her husband, a physician, she supported the state's Good Health Plan of the 1940s, a campaign to expand medical education and health services. Put in charge of the committee to promote the university's new four-year program, she worked to recruit students, raise funds, and secure scholarships. She persuaded alumnus James M. Johnston to designate part of his bequest to the university for nursing student scholarships. In 1983 UNC—Chapel Hill awarded an honorary degree to Carrington in recognition of her extraordinary public service.

Date Established: 1969

Date Range: 1969 – Present

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