The university entered the age of networked computing as early as 1966 as a partner in the Triangle University Computation Center in Research Triangle Park, which linked computers at UNC—Chapel Hill, N.C. State, and Duke. In 1984 the university joined a computer network sponsored by the Association of American University Students to facilitate communication between member universities. By 1991 the university was offering e-mail as a service to campus users. To get access, students and faculty had to go to Phillips Hall and sign up. They received a thirty-eight-page manual explaining how to use e-mail. For faculty and staff who wanted to stay in touch but were dubious about the new service, the university provided "Papermail," which would print e-mails and send them through the campus mail. By 1993 over 1,000 students signed up for e-mail in a single month. UNC—Chapel Hill launched its first website in the mid-1990s and began the processing of moving more and more information and services online.